25 Witty After-effects of Leaving Your Kids Home Alone


Most parents prefer not to leave their children alone at home, but sometimes due to work or other circumstances they end up doing so. While some kids are calm and can stay home alone without causing much trouble, most kids are mischievous and usually hopped up on sugar. 


So whether it is kids locking their siblings up, making a mess of the house or destroying appliances, we have a compilation of 25 images that is going to be a warning for you to not leave your children alone at home, probably ever!

  1. 1 There’s No Force More Destructive Than A Toddler Left Alone For 30 Seconds

  2. 2 When You Lose Track Of Your Toddler For Just Two Seconds

  3. 3 Sigh… I Walk Out Of The Room For A Second

  4. 4 Why You Don’t Mess With Beanbags


  5. 5 Watcha Lookin At?

  6. 6 Talk about cleaning time. Nightmare!

  7. 7 I Didn’t Do It. It Was The Dog

  8. 8 What’s Wrong Mom?

  9. 9 Never Leave A Child And A Bull Terrier Alone In The Same Room

  10. 10 This kid thought the fireplace was a perfectly acceptable sandbox.

  11. 11 My Son Just Made A Huge Mess. This Is His Just Let Me Explain Face

  12. 12 The Kids Woke Up Early To Help Paint The Basement

  13. 13 Didn't get a picture of the 25-30 pounds of rice he pretty evenly spread all over the kitchen floor the other day, but checked up on him half way through Disney's Cars 2 to find this...

  14. 14 Happy Father's Day!

  15. 15 She used up all the wall space already...you can't stop the creative impulse!

  16. 16 A Friend Walked Into Her Nursery To See This

  17. 17 For the sake of your bathroom, don't leave them alone.

  18. 18 Never Leave Your Children Alone With A Bean Bag In The Summer When You’ve Just Been Talking About How Long It Is Until The Winter Snow… Look Daddy We’ve Made "SUMMER SNOW"

  19. 19 Got A Text From My Husband With These Pictures And The Statement, ‘You Didn’t Put The Food Colouring Back After The Crepes’

  20. 20 I was just trying to help you in making dinner!

  21. 21 The Artist And His Work

  22. 22 Leave the kids alone for one minute and...

  23. 23 Done by my little artist!

  24. 24 Reorganising the Drawers!

  25. 25 Kids special talent: Getting stuck in the most unexpected places!


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