25 Funniest Portrait Tattoo Fails


If you’re a fan of tattoos then you may be tempted to have your own portrait tattooed on you. Be careful who you choose, because not everyone is as good as they sell themselves to be. Look at examples of prior work before you let someone draw any kind on tattoos on you. For added protection, get referrals as well. 


If you’re not careful you may end up with hideous portraits tattooed on you. Listed in this post are 25 funny photos of portrait tattoos that show you how a portrait tattoo can go wrong:

  1. 1 At least she got the head right...

  2. 2 Art error 101

  3. 3 Not sure if he was going for scary or funny

  4. 4 Angelina looks kinda retarted


  5. 5 Usually baby's grow teeth at this age

  6. 6 Why would someone even get that tattooed?!

  7. 7 I feel sorry for the time wasted on this one

  8. 8 The baby already looks like a 90 year old

  9. 9 He's even got facial hair on this forehead man!

  10. 10 Only if Edward was Korean

  11. 11 Hope these kids never have to go through the torture of looking at these

  12. 12 Are these siblings from a horror movie?

  13. 13 Tiger from another planet

  14. 14 The artist made a dog-owl hybrid

  15. 15 Meet my daughter's imaginary friend

  16. 16 Such a mama's boy

  17. 17 There might have been a Black and White picture problem

  18. 18 I never thought my mother resembles an Asian man...

  19. 19 That expression could suck the soul outta you

  20. 20 But mom never had a skin disease so serious

  21. 21 You wanna know how I got these scars?

  22. 22 God bless the deceased... and this tattoo artist

  23. 23 The tattoo artist is a big time racist

  24. 24 Drew her like she's from another continent

  25. 25 Close Enough...


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