20 Funny Photos of Life Before Vs. After Kids


Babies are so cute! They’re cuddly and adorable. A true bundle of joy. Yeah… As long they’re not your own!

Never underestimate the power of small people in wreaking havoc into your life. Some days they’ll make you laugh at yourself, other days they’ll make you cry in vain. Good days or bad days, you just gotta suck it up and take it all in. Because once you’ve babies things will never be the same again. Your babies will control almost every minute of your life.


Here are 20 hilarious photos to show you what your little one will do to you:

  1. 1 I hope she’s not hungover here because that would be brutal!

  2. 2 Honeymoon’s over

  3. 3 Bottle service means something different these days...

  4. 4 One look at this picture and I scheduled a vasectomy. And that was before I knew the kid had peed on him too!


  5. 5 think she wants a do-over.

  6. 6 Wow, for the first time in history, the kid got the adult’s nose!

  7. 7 The resemblance is uncanny!

  8. 8 Good feeling gone.

  9. 9 From hoisting babes to hoisting babies.

  10. 10 Help! She’s fallen and she doesn’t want to get up!

  11. 11 Who needs a nose anyway?

  12. 12 “Sure, kiddo, you can do my makeup, it’s not like it matters anymore.”

  13. 13 I honestly can’t be sure his kids aren’t responsible for BOTH looks.

  14. 14 This about sums it up

  15. 15 She went from double-fisting to just pouring it all in one big glass.

  16. 16 When Millennials have kids

  17. 17 Children bring nothing but sunshine to your life!

  18. 18 Looks like we caught

  19. 19 The expression on this little girl’s face says it all. She has assumed contro

  20. 20 Even


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