20 Funniest People Who Took Creativity to a Whole New Level


Creativity has different meanings to different people. One idea that may seem genius to one person might sound absurd to the other person. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop being creative just because people don’t seem to appreciate your talent. So, here are 20 funny people who took their creativity to the next level. 

  1. 1 Quickest DIY cupholder!

  2. 2 This sleepy fellah

  3. 3 There I fixed it.

  4. 4 Two front wheels are overrated


  5. 5 How a lazy people eat watermelon while enjoying tv series..

  6. 6 I'm living in 2017 meanwhile this dudes living in 3017

  7. 7 My roommate doesn't own an iron

  8. 8 When your razor broke but you're too lazy to get a new one.

  9. 9 That chair rocks!

  10. 10 If it's stupid and it works, it's not stupid

  11. 11 Please tell me this was a practical joke.

  12. 12 Unusual use of objects in everyday life

  13. 13 I guess that is one way to fix a bike

  14. 14 Hot water fix

  15. 15 It's never been easier to solve a problem

  16. 16 Car Swing!

  17. 17 Creativity level over 9000!

  18. 18 This creation deserve a standing ovation!

  19. 19 No Chopsticks? No problem.

  20. 20 2 in 1 DIY hat & cap...


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