20 Funniest Passive Aggressive Notes


The best way to deal with somebody stealing your sandwiches or not cleaning the dishes is to leave a snarky and anonymous note of your disapproval. That’ll show em. However, sometimes it may also start a hilarious passive-aggressive note war. You may find yourself placing cute and crazy notes for your colleagues on their desks, the copying machine, or even on their lunch. Be prepared for them to strike back though, you’re sure to find some sarcastic sticky notes on your own desk as well.  


Listed below are images of  20 such passive-aggressive note fights that will put a smile on your face.

  1. 1 A tip for your urgent printouts

  2. 2 One guy put a cross mark...

  3. 3 Found this in the kitchen

  4. 4 Stinky Tony has a message for you


  5. 5 This one mocks the crap outta those cleaning guys

  6. 6 One for all the Daves

  7. 7 Still waiting for that day..

  8. 8 Saw this at my workstation..

  9. 9 Steve doesn't look happy

  10. 10 They take fonts seriously at this workplace

  11. 11 I want my workplace to be this funny

  12. 12 Well this escalated quickly

  13. 13 Looks like Debbie's on a diet these days..

  14. 14 Bob Marley will be proud

  15. 15 Shut up and do the dishes Brian!

  16. 16 No Spoilers FFS!

  17. 17 Let it goo..

  18. 18 Not to mention the funny stomach you'll have. Its nothing.

  19. 19 Gladly..

  20. 20 Would you dare?


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