20 Funniest Kitchen Disasters


We’re all good at somethings and suck at others. There are some of us who’re just a walking, talking recipe of disaster in the kitchen. You may think that if you have followed the recipe, measured and used all the ingredients carefully it’s enough. Nopes! That’s not the case at all. Why? The answer is simple enough. There is a difference between following the right directions and thinking that you have followed the right directions. 

Sometimes when you are having bad luck, or if you are just not a good cook things are just destined not to work out. You may confuse an ingredient or miss a line of directions creating a colorful mess in the kitchen. At other times, your utensils may fail you. 


Kitchen is not such a safe place after all. Listed below are 20 hilarious photos of kitchen disasters that are sure make you laugh out loud:



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