20 Funniest Gifts By People With A Sense Of Humour


Buying a gift for someone else can be tricky business. Normally while deciding a gift people look for reliability and utility, and try to come up with something that will be useful to the person they’re getting it for. However there are some who opt a different approach. They mix up their humor and creativity to cook up some hilarious ideas.


Here we have a collection of 25 gifts that were bought by people with a great sense of humor. Scroll down to grab an idea if you are trying to decide a gift for someone as well. Don’t skip the 4th one, it'll make you hysterical with laughter:

  1. 1 Uncle Dave stopped by .. and brought presents

  2. 2 When your friend's kinda shitty

  3. 3 I am 25 and still living with my parents. This is what I got for Christmas..

  4. 4 My son said he wanted beats for Christmas


  5. 5 Gifted my dad a blanket with my face on it

  6. 6 Gave this to my friend. He's 28 and still lives with his parents.

  7. 7 My buddy got an Apple watch for Christmas

  8. 8 My friend had a $20 budget for to get me a present. This is what he came up with..

  9. 9 Couldn't afford to get my wife a new car. So I got her a Lexus ribbon and put it on her old car.

  10. 10 This guy told his girlfriend he'll get her the greatest gift ever!

  11. 11 I told my girlfriend I wanted a Taylor Acoustic Guitar. This is what I got...

  12. 12 Her stepmom got her the shirt she was already wearing..

  13. 13 This is what my parents got me for my birthday. I don't even smoke weed.

  14. 14 My mother owed me some money. This is what she gave me for Christmas..

  15. 15 I gifted my brother a welding mask. He does not weld!

  16. 16 My daughter thought she was getting an iPhone for her birthday. She got a gift card for an oil change instead.

  17. 17 Here's a gift with some thought into it!

  18. 18 My dad hates my singing. This is what I got him.

  19. 19 Giving this to my friend on his birthday. His brain needs protection.

  20. 20 This is what my sister gave me for Christmas..


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