30 Fun Grandparents With Awesome Sense of Humour


Everybody will agree that grandparents are a gift of God. They’re cute, they’re cuddly, and they’re downright adorable. You can’t help but love their fun presence in the house. They can be a little annoying sometimes too because of their childish ways, but the family is just so incomplete without them.


In today’s post, we put a spotlight on amazing grandparents with a superb sense of humor. These folks may be old, but they have a lot of new tricks up their sleeve. Listed in this post are 30 photos depicting the best and most hilarious grandparents! Scroll down peeps and enjoy this post. 

  1. 1 My grandfather posted this on his Facebook on Valentine's day

  2. 2 Three broken ribs yet Grandma still knows how to keep her spirits up during hard times

  3. 3 We sometimes find Grandma in the strangest places!

  4. 4 Full of attitude....!


  5. 5 You can be cool but not as cool my nana rocking this d**k hat

  6. 6 And they don't lie!

  7. 7 Ending the "My dad will beat-up your dad arguments"? - Nope! Presenting my Grandpa on his 89th birthday.

  8. 8 Grandma hitching a ride. Isn't she awesome??

  9. 9 Granny celebrating her 85th birthday in style

  10. 10 Grandma is not enthused

  11. 11 Grandma Betty - the most popular grandma on Instagram!

  12. 12 My Grandma got new teeth today, someone then gave her a sucker...it all went down hill from there

  13. 13 Wheeee!!! Made me laugh. What a cool grandma

  14. 14 Are those my grandma's teeth?!

  15. 15 My grandpa did this to me once, I wasn’t happy at that time, but I sure love it now!

  16. 16 I made this for nana on her 80th birthday. Her response was even better!

  17. 17 Look.... whose back in town!

  18. 18 My granddad got himself a new phone that obviously, has a selfie camera

  19. 19 Saw this in my granny's dresser. She seems to be a die hard fan.

  20. 20 The best use to my batman glasses

  21. 21 This 20 year old cactus is my grandma's pet

  22. 22 My granny hated talking on the cell phone so I got her this

  23. 23 I gave my sneakers to my grandpa and he made slippers out of them. These were Nikes!!!

  24. 24 So granny threw this at a dog. His reaction is priceless!

  25. 25 It's their 49th anniversary. Still rocking it!

  26. 26 Grandma really knows how to make Christmas creepy

  27. 27 My attempt at making Sushi look vegan

  28. 28 Grandpa wears this hat every Thanksgiving.

  29. 29 She wanted to see how it would sound

  30. 30 This is what my granny stores her butter in


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