19 Unusual Wedding Traditions from Around the World


Weddings are THE most romantic event that we can attend; they’re a true celebration of love. It’s a tradition that has existed for hundreds of years regardless of culture and religon. Each culture has its own wedding traditions. In some countries weddings are a one-day event, in others weddings can last for weeks having a variety of different functions. Every culture has its own wedding customs. Some of these customs are sweet and cute, others are just absurd. 

Following are 19 of the most funny and bizarre wedding traditions that exist in different cultures:

  1. 1 No Bathroom for 72 Hours in a Malaysian Wedding

    After Malaysian couples get married, they are not allowed to use the bathroom for 3 days. The concept behind this ritual is that if they can endure this pain together, they'll share a stronger bond in their future lives.

  2. 2 Cut Off Socks in a Danish Wedding

    In Danish weddings, either the groom or the bride or both in some cases cut off the toes of their socks. This is done so that no one else except their better half is attracted to them

  3. 3 Couple’s Head Soaked with Confetti in a Bolivian Wedding

    As a wedding tradition in Bolivia, the bride and groom’s heads are soaked with confetti and flower petals following a marriage ceremony as the wedding party relishes a meal.

  4. 4 Blackening of the Bride in a Scottish Wedding


    Every couple that gets married in Scotland has to go through the blackening tradition. Smelly and Rotten ingredients are thrown upon the couple until they are covered in them. It is said that if they can go through this situation together, they'll have more faith in each other during their married life.

  5. 5 Japanese brides must physically show their devotion to their new in-laws

    In Japan, the bride has to perform a ritual to show her feelings towards her in-laws. She is required to paint her whole body in white.

  6. 6 Hiding groom's shoes in India

    Stealing the groom's shoes is a famous Indian marriage custom. Friends of the bride hide the groom's shoes at the wedding day. They demand a ransom in return for the shoes later.

  7. 7 Stomping Glass in a Jewish Wedding

    According to a Jewish tradition, it is necessary for the groom to break a glass after his wedding ceremony is completed. There are multiple meanings associated with this act. One of them that is most commonly heard is that this teaches the couple a lesson that marriage can be as fragile as a glass.

  8. 8 Zaffe in a Lebanese Wedding

    "Zaffe" is a Lebanese marriage tradition where the groom's friends or family do the traditional dance before escorting the groom to his bride.

  9. 9 Gold coins in a Spanish Wedding

    In a Spanish wedding tradition, the groom provides 13 Arras or gold coins signifying his loyalty to his bride. It tells the grooms reputation as the provider of the house.

  10. 10 Broom Jumping in an African-American Wedding

    The ritual comes from an African Tribe. This symbolizes the couples unified entrance into their new home together.

  11. 11 Groom Flat on the Ground in a Nigerian Wedding

    When a Yoruba wedding takes place in Nigeria, the groom and his friends have to lie down in front of the bride's family before she is revealed.

  12. 12 Red Carriage in Chinese Wedding

    It is a tradition in China to carry the bride to her new home inside a red carriage. The carriage is well decorated and lifted by the bride's friends and family.

  13. 13 Bridal Ransom in a Russian Wedding

    Russian grooms are bound to head to their bride's home before the wedding and give a bridal ransom to her family/friends. During this ritual, the groom is ordered to pay gifts or money. The groom often has to solve riddles or dance for the bride's family.

  14. 14 Pinning Money while Dancing in a Cuban Wedding

    Pinning money on the bride's dress is a custom in Cuba. Everyone that asks the bride for a dance has to pin money to her clothing.

  15. 15 Fat Bride in an African Wedding

    In some parts of Africa, men prefer fat women. This is why girls are sent off to a weight gaining farm where they are fed against their desires until they get fat enough to find a suitor. The tradition is called Leblouh.

  16. 16 Crying Bride in a Chinese Wedding

    A minority in China has this strange tradition where the bride is bound to cry for at least an hour, one month before her marriage. She is accompanied by her mother and female relatives.

  17. 17 Henna Party in a Pakistan Wedding

    Pakistani weddings have a day dedicated to this ritual. All the female friends of the bride gather at her place and put decorate her hands with Henna, making designs of different sorts. They sing and dance together on this day.

  18. 18 In Germany, families watch as the bride and groom saw through a log

    German couples have to cut a log together before they get married. It is believed that if they demonstrate good teamwork they'll end up having a strong relationship.

  19. 19 Noisy evening party in Germany

    A party called "noisy evening" takes place one night before German weddings. All the guests are required to break porcelain crockery at the event.


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