22 Examples Of Foul Play


Not everyone has sportsman spirit; some people will do anything to win. If it means breaking the rules then be it; I guess they’re staunch believers of “Everything is fair in love and war”, and they love their game! Of course most big games are being recorded, so any funny business by the players is easily caught on camera, they can’t really get away with it. 


It is hilarious to see the things that people will do to win. Listed in this post are 22 examples of foul play: 

  1. 1 You can have the shirt if you want mate

  2. 2 Can't fight the Samurai

  3. 3 Not so fast fella

  4. 4 Let's just hug it out bro


  5. 5 When you play soccer but love WWE

  6. 6 You've got something stuck in your hair

  7. 7 Right in the baby maker

  8. 8 Down you go

  9. 9 Why did you go against the dress code?!

  10. 10 Excuse me, You dropped your ball down.

  11. 11 I'm going down, down, down...

  12. 12 FIFA boxing edition

  13. 13 I am sorry but I'll have to hold you back

  14. 14 My ball! My ball!

  15. 15 If superman was a baller

  16. 16 Don't you dare touch me there

  17. 17 You gotta do what you've gotta do

  18. 18 Splash!

  19. 19 Stuck in a leg trap

  20. 20 Headlock ball

  21. 21 Low blow kick!

  22. 22 Not so quick fella!


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