20 Epic Parenting Fails


Who says parents are perfect? Parents are human too, and they’re just as stupid as humanity itself. Some of them even border on crazy who’re either so careless that they’ll practically risk the lives of their children in the pursuit of fun, or they’re so protective that they’ll have their kids attached to them at all moments even when they’re glued to a computer screen. 

It is just S.T.U.P.I.D. 


Don’t believe me. See for yourself. The pictures don’t lie my friend. I literally couldn’t stop laughing at the 17th one. I mean who does that! Scroll down and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 I hope that child decides to be a diver, the position already has it

  2. 2 Hey look, little Jimmy got his hands on a beer. Let's take a picture

  3. 3 Kids are glorified grocery baskets, apparently

  4. 4 This could hurt your airways, but the face is very funny.


  5. 5 Extreme failure

  6. 6 Single parenting has it's perks.

  7. 7 This is what dads are like when moms aren't around

  8. 8 What are kids for if not to prop up pieces of plywood?

  9. 9 I’m pretty sure she hasn’t mastered the art of drinking water straight from the bottle.

  10. 10 Not hungry today

  11. 11 And how her self cared for her needs while working

  12. 12 How he learned that healthy eating is important

  13. 13 Yikes

  14. 14 Someone was not looking at the son

  15. 15 My calculations were not correct

  16. 16 Parenting is tough. especially for this dad

  17. 17 I can not sleep on the door.

  18. 18 Father-daughter shopping

  19. 19 How his father taught him to swim

  20. 20 How she was fed with the bottle


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