24 Epic Modelling Photoshoot Fails


Normally the world “modelling” is associated with something close to perfect. We imagine flawless beauties in a majestic setting when we think of a photoshoot. However, modelling is not always perfect.  A lot of hard work goes behind modelling shows and images that are executed right. Many times things are not as perfect as they seem. In fact, sometimes the models fail so miserably that it is both hilarious and pathetic. What’s even more surprising is that sometimes even the ones planning the shoot just end up developing completely ridiculous shoots. 


Listed in this post are 24 hilarious modelling fails that will seriously change your perception about modeling being perfect:

  1. 1 At least she managed to do something out of the box.

  2. 2 Won't be surprised if she gets featured in Vogue.

  3. 3 Did she Photoshop herself?

  4. 4 There is a fine line between sexy and scary.


  5. 5 How did she do that?

  6. 6 People are clearly running out of business ideas.

  7. 7 Not sure if she is posing or drunk.

  8. 8 If that's not an epic fail, I don't know what is.

  9. 9 That can't be right.

  10. 10 We have all wanted to do that at some point in our lives.

  11. 11 Nothing is hotter than girls wearing baby masks... Not!

  12. 12 Because if you pose well enough people don't care about the background.

  13. 13 Have an ugly face but a model's body? Problem solved!

  14. 14 But, but... that's just weird.

  15. 15 Why?

  16. 16 At least she thinks she's hot.

  17. 17 Hope she doesn't fall.

  18. 18 This one's my favorite.

  19. 19 How did she even do that?

  20. 20 My life, my rules.

  21. 21 When you're broke.

  22. 22 An average day in July.

  23. 23 Can't say she looks bad.

  24. 24 Woods make the best backdrop


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