20 Epic Illustrations That Perfectly Depicts the Struggles of Women


Ever gone to work or school without makeup and everyone asked you if you were okay? How about the time, you couldn't enjoy your meal because you were trying to protect your lipstick. Sounds relatable, doesn't it. Well, Cassandra Calin understands your struggles which is why she has come up with a series of Illustrations that perfectly showcase what women go through. 

  1. 1 Middle part hair! Expectations Vs Reality

  2. 2 When you don't want to ruin your lipstick! Well then...

  3. 3 I'm ok, just not wearing make up!

  4. 4 Careful what you wish for!


  5. 5 What it's like to date someone younger. LOL!

  6. 6 Nothing to wear! Story of every other woman.

  7. 7 Expectations Vs Reality

  8. 8 Curly Hair Problems...

  9. 9 Mirror Selfie! Expectations Vs Reality

  10. 10 We're late! But teamwork helps...

  11. 11 No regrets!

  12. 12 Handling responsibilities like an adult.

  13. 13 When Chips are life.

  14. 14 When you're not ready to be an adult.

  15. 15 Trying on swimsuits and this is the result...

  16. 16 Moderation is the only hope...

  17. 17 I refuse to wear other colours.

  18. 18 The never ending struggle...

  19. 19 What it's like to be a hairy woman.

  20. 20 Hairfall problem, Literally!


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