20 Epic Fails Captured At The Right Moment


An image is usually worth a thousand words especially when it is captured at the right moment. The internet, in this day and age, is flooding with images that were taken at the perfect time and since we at BemeThis love epic fail photos, we thought we’d share 20 of such photos with our viewers. 

The images below depict that it only takes as much as a split second to achieve an epic fail status. 


Anyone with a camera phone, DSLR or a camera tablet can take such photos regardless of the fact that they are staged or spontanous. So if you find yourself with an amazing epic fail image, then be sure to share it with us. 

  1. 1 It's cool let me get that booger for you

  2. 2 The worst thing that ever happened

  3. 3 Amazing timing.

  4. 4 Confusing and Funny Bus Ads


  5. 5 Mindblowing Pictures Clicked At The Perfect Most Time

  6. 6 The dog is like this!!

  7. 7 Walk though to see some of it!!

  8. 8 When Flamenco dancing is really exhausting.

  9. 9 When you’re smiling because you don’t know you’re about to get wet in a second.

  10. 10 Oops!

  11. 11 Someone struck by lightning

  12. 12 Just beneath the surface

  13. 13 Man getting hit in the face with a basketball

  14. 14 Mom, we truly don’t know this woman

  15. 15 My dog ruining Christmas dinner a few years ago

  16. 16 My dad right before breaking his collar bone on my uncle’s bike that he took without asking

  17. 17 Discipline is boring

  18. 18 When you’re tired of “ordinary” animals and want to pet a dolphin.

  19. 19 It was so close.

  20. 20 My dog thought a patch of brush in the river was solid land. It wasn’t


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