20 Epic Fails Captured at Right Moment


Everyone gets a little tipsy at times. Sometimes we fall because we just don’t know how to walk in heels whereas sometimes we fall because we are Jennifer Lawrence. However, regardless of the reason we fall, all of us pray that when we do fall, we are not seen by anyone, oh except if you are Jennifer Lawrence. So here are some of the most epic falls captured at the right moment.

  1. 1 Have you ever been kicked this hard...

  2. 2 Go get her grandma!

  3. 3 The moment when something wrong happens right at the part where they take your photo.

  4. 4 Look at my new water hat. Indeed a refreshing hat though


  5. 5 Looks like shes battling the horse. Straight out of Mortal Kombat

  6. 6 All those open mouths right in the trajectory

  7. 7 When swing set sabotage photo

  8. 8 You ate my sandwich, I will eat you!

  9. 9 Epic ATV Fail! It's gonna hurt a lot...

  10. 10 Teach kids they said, it'll be fun they said

  11. 11 Someone in crowd is not her big fan...

  12. 12 Swing fail! When you're doing it wrong...

  13. 13 I think she took off her shoes so she wouldn't slip! Well....

  14. 14 Or she just pushed the last girl over...

  15. 15 And that’s when we started calling our dog Dumbo!

  16. 16 Face Blowing...

  17. 17 Right in his face!

  18. 18 Treadmill fail...

  19. 19 Now you may kiss the fish...Nope! even the fish don't want to kiss you

  20. 20 Keep your head on a swivel at a Bills tailgate


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