20 Dumbs Caught Taking Funny Selfies


When you’re obssessed with selfies, every moment in life is worth a memorable shot. Who cares whether it makes sense or not. Intelligence is subjective anyways. What’s dumb for one may be genius for another. 

The selfies listed in this post are quite dumb for us common folks, but the I’m sure the people who took these shots must have considered themselves to be quite fun, funky and maybe even sexy. 


Listed in this post are 20 dumb selfies that’ll seriously make you facepalm again and again. Scroll on peeps and enjoy the show:

  1. 1 Because your butt looks amazing

  2. 2 I told you I was fat, I believe I was not fat.

  3. 3 The bathroom mirror selfies are getting out of hand...how much more tasteless could you get??

  4. 4 Candid photo


  5. 5 The OMG What am i buying ?

  6. 6 Here’s the thing about tinted store windows. The people inside can see you.

  7. 7 You’ve never deep throated a banana at work before? No? Really? Alright then.

  8. 8 Not quite sure why you would make that face ever

  9. 9 This guy who's just trying to catch his flight

  10. 10 Back in my day we didn't have faggots like you!

  11. 11 In between legs

  12. 12 What the hell she has to do with that? Everything looks puzzling for me.

  13. 13 Peace out, Grandma!

  14. 14 Why on earth would someone take a selfie in the hospital?

  15. 15 I've never seen such disappointment and concern in an expression in my life. Sorry, dad.

  16. 16 I couldn't help but take this selfie on a recent plane trip, the lady sitting next to me... not so entertained

  17. 17 He actually tried to enter a photo competition with this selfie!

  18. 18 When you try to take a selfie with a camel...

  19. 19 If you take a selfie outside our mirrored window, expect to be photographed.

  20. 20 Mom and Baby Girl Catch Special Bathroom Moments with a Selfie


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