20 Dazzling Prank Champions Who Delight Everyone With Their Jokes

  1. 1 How to scare people in bathroom.

  2. 2 Out of order mirror

  3. 3 Iphone gift prank!!

  4. 4 That's the evilest thing i can imagine


  5. 5 Troll Money

  6. 6 Shrimp Scent Air Freshener. LOL!

  7. 7 Words can't describe but the Numbers can. LOL

  8. 8 Perfect Morning Prank. LOL

  9. 9 My Roommates Said They Left Me A Slice...

  10. 10 Ok!

  11. 11 This way, even when your coffee gets cold, it will still be hot

  12. 12 Well played indeed!

  13. 13 Definitely not the kind of surprise I wanted from Kinder

  14. 14 Be careful what you wish for.

  15. 15 Made this guy out of our housemates clothes and set him up in his bathroom. I've never heard a grown man scream so much.

  16. 16 I'm on vacation this week so I snuck in late Sunday night and sett his up.

  17. 17 Environmental Prank!

  18. 18 Flour is sleeping

  19. 19 It will work beautifully...

  20. 20 Seafood Cake!


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