20 Creative Print Ads


Some might say that print ads are no longer relevant in the era of social media and internet. However, that’s quite far away from the truth. Print ads, if designed right, are still quite powerful in delivering a memorable message.


From billboards to magazines print ads have their own form of power and relevance. No matter what the medium of transmission is, the creativity of the print ads makes them stick in people’s mind. Here we have a collection of 20 such innovative print ads that are the essence of creative advertisements. You’re sure to commend the creative efforts of the designers for coming up with these ad concepts. Number 12 is my favorite: 

  1. 1 Stay safe. Stay protected.

  2. 2 Fat to Fit

  3. 3 Keeps your teeth even brighter than ideas

  4. 4 Newton loved Oreos!


  5. 5 Number 1 enemy of all Spiders..

  6. 6 Eat Big or Go Home!

  7. 7 Breath fire with Tabasco

  8. 8 Keep it light

  9. 9 Rise and Shine with McCafe

  10. 10 Get them off your dog.. ASAP!

  11. 11 To be hanged till death

  12. 12 Surely draws a crowd

  13. 13 Protective headgear for all

  14. 14 Be human. Save nature.

  15. 15 Brings out the happy face in you

  16. 16 Brings the volume levels back up

  17. 17 Don't risk your breathing space..

  18. 18 Drains the stains!

  19. 19 Caffeine rush so strong even Mona couldn't resist

  20. 20 Just need to be careful with the tiger..


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