20 Creative and Hilarious Ways of Sleeping In the Subway


Need is the mother of all inventions, and sleep can be the mother of all needs. When sleep plays its song in a subway, you can come up with a highly innovative way to sleep, even when you are in the most uncomfortable postures. You disagree? Well we assure you that after watching these 20 hilarious ways of sleeping on a subway you will also agree that sleep conquers all. I couldn’t stop laughing at the second one:  

  1. 1 Subway sleeping gear -- Available in different head sizes

  2. 2 nose-leep

  3. 3 All you need is somebody to lean on

  4. 4 Living the high life


  5. 5 No seat? No problem!

  6. 6 When creativity meets necessities

  7. 7 When a small nap turns you into a meme

  8. 8 Suitcase cum footrest power nap tutorial 101

  9. 9 Sleeping Beauties (subway edition)

  10. 10 When you've bought a tire and remember you don't have a car

  11. 11 Couple Goals? Couple Goals.

  12. 12 Still a better love story than Twilight

  13. 13 Just a random women taking her daily nap while going to work..

  14. 14 Team work!

  15. 15 As easy as that

  16. 16 Always knew it was more than a suitcase

  17. 17 The 'Hipo' sleeping position

  18. 18 "The Matrix" sleeping position

  19. 19 Subway Hangover!

  20. 20 Where there's a will, there's a way!


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