20 Crazy Trends That are Fun to Look at But Not Fun to Wear


Okay some designs are just creepy. They may be fun to look at, but you just know that you do not want to be seen wearing them.  Perhaps they might work on Halloween, but otherwise they’re a big NO. 


In this post we’ve collected 20 such freaky designs that will really make awesome gifts if you want to pull a creepy prank or if it’s Halloween. On regular days, it is best just to have a laugh and move on:

  1. 1 Bob cut

  2. 2 Get a ring off your finger

  3. 3 he most stupid nails - TOOTBRUSH OR COMB NAILS ?

  4. 4 The visual representation of "Go come"


  5. 5 This girl wearing tank top as skirt

  6. 6 The ring of a dentist’s Fiance!

  7. 7 Want To Look Like A Horse?

  8. 8 Venice Carnival's creepy mask!

  9. 9 Wear this, men will be attracted

  10. 10 Open back top

  11. 11 Weirdest shoes

  12. 12 For all barbie fans!

  13. 13 Bubble dress

  14. 14 This outerwear must be extremely comfortable.

  15. 15 This is strange but impressive

  16. 16 Chicken hat

  17. 17 Heights of crappy fashion!

  18. 18 Who would love to try this!

  19. 19 When you always want to put your best foot forward

  20. 20 One more shoe disaster. If it’s cold enough for warm socks, maybe it’s better to wear sneakers.


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