24 Crazy Things You Only See in America


America is a land of dreams for many; people move to America with big hopes, and rightly so because America has made billionaires out people living in slums. Of course for success like that you need hard work and intellect. Not everyone in America is living the American dream, some are just living something close to a joke. That’s because they’ve put their brains on hibernation and choose to function without them. America is full of hilarious characters just as it hosts many brilliant minds.


In this post, we have listed photos of hilarious occurrences that you will see only in America thanks to certain people who chose not to use their brains. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 I don't like the color our grilled meat is turning to

  2. 2 Want a photo with Dr. Sackston?

  3. 3 Looks like a screenshot from Call of Duty

  4. 4 This chair is me in my life


  5. 5 Does this shop produce XXL kids?

  6. 6 Ever seen food with a longer name?

  7. 7 Heard the cars are huge in America!

  8. 8 This is how Americans roll at Wall-E-mart!

  9. 9 Stairway to fitness

  10. 10 When you can't find milk, so you try a healthier drink instead

  11. 11 Midnight run at the mall be like

  12. 12 Keeping it together

  13. 13 Goat racing is a thing...

  14. 14 Today's breaking news

  15. 15 Must be a hard to solve case

  16. 16 Get up women! It's school time!!

  17. 17 Who allots these commercial properties in such orderly manner?

  18. 18 Southern American burgers be like

  19. 19 Looking good for who?!

  20. 20 National Animal?

  21. 21 Shooting for the new CREEP movie has begun

  22. 22 This is a unique job opportunity

  23. 23 Wanna get some patriotism in you?

  24. 24 Hulk Arm Made In America


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