20 Crazy and Hysterical Inventions You Won’t Believe Actually Exist


Everyone who shops online knows what a goldmine the online world is. You never know what you stumble across. Sometimes you come across items that you didnt even know you needed but feel a longing for as soon as you lay eyes on them. For example who knew someone actually sold anti pervert socks, which sound weird but if you keep an open mind, you can repulse a lot of perverts. So take a look at these 20 items and see if you can find something that just speaks to you!

  1. 1 A wine glass holder to keep it as close as possible

  2. 2 Anti-pervert hairy stockings

  3. 3 The Foot Powered Bicycle

  4. 4 Roller Buggy


  5. 5 Wash your hands and re-use the water for the next flush.

  6. 6 A duck-billed protective muzzle for dogs

  7. 7 Ear enhancer

  8. 8 You will never have to worry about forgetting your toilet paper again.

  9. 9 Fully body umbrellas

  10. 10 Never lose your phone again

  11. 11 Sandwich slippers

  12. 12 Bright feet lighted slippers

  13. 13 The weight watcher belt

  14. 14 If you don’t like to share your mug with anyone

  15. 15 Innovative bicycles

  16. 16 This shower mic is made for those who love singing in the shower.

  17. 17 Butter me up

  18. 18 Din-ink pen cap eating utensils

  19. 19 Nose Stylus

  20. 20 Book-shaped pillow for jaded students


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