20 Craziest Shoe Designs


Shoes are no longer merely used by mountain people who try to protect their feet from stones and thorns. They have become a fashion statement all around the globe. 

While men usually wear relatively simple shoes, women tend to wear the ones that make them look the most appealing, even if it means hurting themselves by walking around in uncomfortable heels. 


However, things have changed now. And designers have come up with out of the box shoe designs which are wacky to say the least. Whether you are a man or a woman, these designs will surely take you by surprise. 

  1. 1 I'd rather walk bare foot..

  2. 2 well **** you too then!

  3. 3 If Muhammad Ali wore heels

  4. 4 When Pokemon is life


  5. 5 Ok, NO Soles, Spike Nails in the Heel of your Foot....and a bit of Bling at the Ankle?

  6. 6 Elvis wants you to wear these shoes..

  7. 7 Piece of cake shoes for all cake lovers out there!

  8. 8 Wait...what? Sand castle shoes on the beach? Not a bad ideas!

  9. 9 What is happening here?

  10. 10 Gum sticky shoe design

  11. 11 Your shoes can be now your pet

  12. 12 Wanna ride a unicorn?

  13. 13 Come on barbie lets go party

  14. 14 Any banana lovers here?

  15. 15 Fancy a swim?

  16. 16 These might come handy in an emergency

  17. 17 Going to the movies? Wear these.

  18. 18 When shoe designers likes to shock the audience!

  19. 19 When fashion goes too far

  20. 20 These look so comfy. Move over Dr. Scholls!!


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