20 Coolest Perfectly Timed Photos


Whether it is spontanous epic fail photos or absolutely creative images, our readers by now surely know that we love our fair share of perfectly timed photos.


There is something about these images that make you realize the power of a split second. A second more and your image would have gone from jaw dropping to ordinary. So to appreciate the spontaneity of these photographers, we have compiled 20 photos which are perfectly timed to say the least and they will surely take your breath away. 

  1. 1 Iconic Hover cat!

  2. 2 Flying through the clouds!

  3. 3 This kind of stork delivers twins / perfectly timed photo

  4. 4 Snapped a lucky shot of a truck trying to steal the sun.


  5. 5 Perfect Catch!

  6. 6 Angry Mother nature

  7. 7 Maybe she's barn with it

  8. 8 Perfectly timed wedding photo

  9. 9 Perfect Hunt!

  10. 10 Aaand this is what we call perfect timing!

  11. 11 No-its not going to hit!

  12. 12 LOL! She's not sniffing her hairs!

  13. 13 Perfectly timed "Tree Hat"

  14. 14 Coming out the sun!

  15. 15 Seen at the airport in Tel Aviv, Israel

  16. 16 Couple Goals

  17. 17 Is that devil in the sky!

  18. 18 Was Taking Random Pictures Of My Mother And This Came Out

  19. 19 Nighttime thunderstorm over the Grand Canyon! Perfectly timed shot!

  20. 20 Modern Buddha!

  21. 21 Nope! Not a real angel!

  22. 22 Miss Ostrich!

  23. 23 Beer towel!

  24. 24 Perfect timing water skiing fall

  25. 25 Alien Horse!

  26. 26 Don't eat it!

  27. 27 Here comes the flying cart.

  28. 28 Cat Revenge!

  29. 29 Watching TV with my feet up when suddenly...

  30. 30 In the right moment.


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