20 Completely Pointless Tips You’ll Ever Know


Are you tired of looking at meaningful tips that now you just want to see some pointless ones? Well, you have come to the right place as at BemeThis today we have the worst tips that you could possibly hear. Whether it is people telling you to change your iPhone’s color by painting it, pouring water over your computer to keep it cool when it gets too hot or spraying your earphones with Johnsons no more tangles to untangle them, we have it all in store for you. 


Don’t forget to comment below the tip you found to be the most pointless and share your own tips if you have any.

  1. 1 Incase you don't have microwave....

  2. 2 Change your Iphone 5s colour within seconds

  3. 3 Want to get rid of wrinkles fast? Just get bit by a rattlesnake

  4. 4 Computer running too hot? Simply water cool it to keep the temperatures down!


  5. 5 A waterproof phone case is only a few dollars away

  6. 6 Having a sh*tty day? Put on your sunglasses. Now you're having a sh*tty night

  7. 7 Replace a broken ring of the shower curtain with this easy hack

  8. 8 Secure your lunch with a padlock

  9. 9 Put your bolognese into the washing machine if what you really wanted was carbonara

  10. 10 If your headphones are tangled just spray them with some Johnson's no more tangles

  11. 11 Cutting your tennis balls in half allows you to store two more balls in each can, saving space.

  12. 12 Use duct tape and fork when there’s no spoon in the office

  13. 13 Use your phones when you put too much water in your Rice

  14. 14 Use a high-powered box fan and funnel to paint interior walls faster

  15. 15 Life hack for colllage students!

  16. 16 Use A Fork In Case You Haven’t Mastered Chopsticks Yet

  17. 17 Use a slice of red onion to protect your computer from viruses!

  18. 18 If your phone screen is too small, put it in water. It will magnify the screen up to 200%!

  19. 19 If you put your wipers up, parking inspectors are unable to give a ticket!

  20. 20 Fill a rubber glove with warm water and put it on your hand when you feel lonely


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