24 Colleagues With Great Sense of Humor You Would Wish to Have at Your Workplace


It is easy to get caught up in the daily grind of corporate responsibility. Who wants to sit in front of a screen all day? Yet most of us have to.  We can either whine about it, or we can enjoy the work that we do.  It’s up to us.  The people who choose the latter option make work fun for not just themselves, but for their coworkers as well. Everybody loves working with people like that. 


Listed in this post are pictures of 24 awesome employees who make work fun for not just themselves, but for others as well:

  1. 1 An eatable mouse

  2. 2 When your inner child still there

  3. 3 Latesha ruined casual Friday for everyone!

  4. 4 Scariest office prank ever.


  5. 5 This upgraded handset is eatable too

  6. 6 Office prank wars have officially begun. And yes, I was mad.

  7. 7

  8. 8 A good motivational message for lazy ass people

  9. 9 I can see what you are doing...

  10. 10 L.T. spider webbed our office as a going away prank when she left.

  11. 11 That's how to surprise a colleague who over uses sticky notes

  12. 12 I hope, its a play station

  13. 13 When your coworker loves swinging

  14. 14 When you work as a journalist and also as a part time model

  15. 15 Yeah cause when you will feel unconscious, you wont be stressed anymore

  16. 16 The reason why road works takes forever to finish

  17. 17 When there is only one toilet at your work place

  18. 18 Just need a couple of bucks to create this

  19. 19 You just need a creative mind

  20. 20 The Pied Piper of the Hamelin Admin Team

  21. 21 The most productive thing I did at work today

  22. 22 That's not scary at all!

  23. 23 Office hide and seek be like!

  24. 24 When you want to make your workplace comfy


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