22 Clueless Protesters That Will Make You Laugh


Most protests are about serious business. People believe in a cause, and they’re willing to put everything on the line for it. This is what brings them out on the streets to raise their voices. However not all the people in the crowd of protestors are serious for the causes that they believe in. Some of the people are just there simply to have a good time. You can usually pick them out due to the hilarious signs that they’re holding up. 


Listed in this post are hilarious signs by wannabe protestors that are sure to make you laugh:

  1. 1 Well, I can’t say that the man doesn’t have a point...

  2. 2 Fighting the good fight

  3. 3 Yes!! It was OK

  4. 4 Give him a Sandwich


  5. 5 A valid point!

  6. 6 Water Changing Protest

  7. 7 I am Groot

  8. 8 Regret

  9. 9 That may be heavy

  10. 10 That's Rude

  11. 11 Please!!

  12. 12 OK you can Leave

  13. 13 What is that for

  14. 14 Found Waldo

  15. 15 Then why you come are here?!

  16. 16 That was a Lie

  17. 17 Extra Fund Protest

  18. 18 Wizard I guess

  19. 19 Sign Unavailable

  20. 20 I Agreed

  21. 21 Result of anger!

  22. 22 I think pigs would have a difference of opinion..


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