20 Celebrity Body Part That Are Insured In Millions


We insure our lives, our cars, our homes and our mobiles but for leading Hollywood celebrities, there is a lot more at stake. When you end up in the A-Listers of the world, the priorities of insuring the assets change. What if David Beckham injured his legs? He will surely be out of business. Same goes for Jennifer Lopez’s Booty. For them, their body is a lot more valuable than their material assets. Therefore, they get their famous body parts insured at shocking prices going up to and beyond millions. 

In this post, we have compiled a list of 20 celebrities who have ridiculously expensive insurance on their body parts. You will be really surprised at the 12th one, who would have a thought a finger could be so valuable!

Keep scrolling guys, trust me, you will be surprised to see the numbers:

  1. 1 Heidi Klum

    We all adore Heidi Klum's perfect looking legs. She has them insured for $2 million. “Basically, I was in London, and I had to go to this place where they check out your legs,” said Klum. “They would look at them and I had one scar here from when I fell on a glass, so this [left leg] isn’t as pricey and this [right] one.”

  2. 2 Julia Roberts

    Like everyone else, Julia also decided to secure the most promising feature of her body. In her case, it was her smile. She has an adorable smile without a doubt, which was deemed to be worth $30 million in insurance fees.

  3. 3 Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift has got one of the hottest pairs of legs in the industry and has every right to get them insured. She got them insured for $40 million and is also aiming for a breast insurance in the future.

  4. 4 Jennifer Lopez


    JLo has made a wise decision to get the best asset of her body insured. She did this right after the release of her song "Booty". Her butt now has an insurance worth $300 million.

  5. 5 Mariah Carey

    Mariah became a part of the Legs of a Goddess campaign by Gillette a few years ago. That's when she got the most expensive asset insurance in the world worth $1 billion for her legs.

  6. 6 Daniel Craig

    Daniel Craig has a body that millions would die to have. Before he signed up his contract for the Bond films, he got his whole body insured for $9.5 million.

  7. 7 Cristiano Ronaldo

    Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best footballers in the world right now. The Portuguese man plays for Real Madrid and possesses an asset insurance for his legs worth $150 million.

  8. 8 Holly Madison

    Holly has gotten an insurance for her breasts worth $1 million. She said, “I thought I’d cover my assets… They’re my primary money makers right now.” 

  9. 9 Bruce Springsteen

    The Rock and Roll legend followed the path of many famous singers and got his vocal chords insured for a whopping $6 million.

  10. 10 Kylie Minogue

    Although Kylie has often accepted in interviews that her looks are a result of a certain amount of help, she still landed an insurance policy worth $5 million for her butt.

  11. 11 Rihanna

    Back in 2007,  Rihanna was also part of the "Legs of a Goddess" program alongside Mariah Carey. This gave her enough confidence in her legs to get them insured for $1 million.

  12. 12 Michael Flatley

    Michael Flatley is a legend of the dance world. He holds two world records, which include him being the highest paid dancer in the world and being the dancer with the highest insurance policy placed on his leg's i.e. worth $40 million.

  13. 13 Keith Richards

    Keith Richards has told the media to buzz off on multiple occasions. So before he got into any trouble, the rockstar got his hands insured for $1.6 million.

  14. 14 America Ferrera

    The star from "Ugly Betty" has one of the most perfect smiles you'll come across. After she modeled for Aquafresh, the company decided to get her smile insured for $10 million.

  15. 15 Tina Turner

    Tina Turner is 75 years old. But that did not stop her from getting her legs insured for $3.2 million.

  16. 16

    David Beckham is one of the most known celebrities on the planet. During his footballing days, he got his legs insured for a giant sum of $70 million. He has since been doing fashion modeling for multiple magazines.

  17. 17 Jamie Lee Curtis

    Famous companies often get asset insurances for their top models. The same happened with Jamie when she modeled for L'Eggs two decades ago. They insured her legs for $1 million.

  18. 18 Jimmy Durante

    Jimmy Durante was a famous comedian in the 1940s. His Schnozzola joke about his nose made it so famous that he had to get it insured for $50,000.

  19. 19 Dolly Parton

    Dolly Parton got breasts implants and an insurance policy for them immediately after that. The policy amounted to $0.6 million.

  20. 20 Madonna

    Madonna at the age of 55 has still not gotten out of the headlines. The latest news was that she got her breasts insured for $2 million. Even though her breasts were not her best asset, something like this is always expected of her.


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