20 Celebrity Body Part That Are Insured In Millions


We insure our lives, our cars, our homes and our mobiles but for leading Hollywood celebrities, there is a lot more at stake. When you end up in the A-Listers of the world, the priorities of insuring the assets change. What if David Beckham injured his legs? He will surely be out of business. Same goes for Jennifer Lopez’s Booty. For them, their body is a lot more valuable than their material assets. Therefore, they get their famous body parts insured at shocking prices going up to and beyond millions. 

In this post, we have compiled a list of 20 celebrities who have ridiculously expensive insurance on their body parts. You will be really surprised at the 12th one, who would have a thought a finger could be so valuable!


Keep scrolling guys, trust me, you will be surprised to see the numbers:



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