22 Celebrities Who Truly Mastered The Art of Taking Funny Selfies


The Selfie obsession has even celebs going crazy over taking hilarious selfies. You’ll see them taking selfies in hilarious expressions ranging from wacky to even absurd. It goes to show selfitis is real peeps. If you don’t know what it means, Google it. We won’t kill the curiosity. Who knows even you may be having selfitis, and even the celebs featured in these photos suffer from it too! 


Listed in this post are 20 celebrities who mastered the art of taking hilarious selfies. Scroll on and enjoy peeps: 

  1. 1 It's bubble bath time fellas. Oh wait, is that my bathing duck down there?!

  2. 2 When mom catches me stealing candy

  3. 3 My hangover face

  4. 4 Hey Conan, Imma take you to the candy shop!


  5. 5 Nicholas Cage is each one of us in the morning

  6. 6 Elijah starting the selfie of selfie trend

  7. 7 Skin care ain't no joke for Mr. Franco

  8. 8 Lmao Kanye and his sad face

  9. 9 Miley being Miley

  10. 10 Kobe with another 3 pointer

  11. 11 When it's hot and you know winter isn't coming

  12. 12 Using all the stuff Irina left behind

  13. 13 Beyonce knows the game

  14. 14 Cara's got the tongue twister on

  15. 15 Cara's selfie adventures 2.0. She just can't seem to keep a hold of her tongue

  16. 16 Rihana's got all the expressions in her basket

  17. 17 Bend it like Beckham innit?

  18. 18 Hogwarts graduation day got us like

  19. 19 Taylor after creating yet another breakup song

  20. 20 It's the mo********n D O double G!

  21. 21 The Rock being The Rock!!

  22. 22 Tyler's tiny sunglasses


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