20 Baking Expectations vs Reality


When you’re just starting out as an amateur baker, you almost always start with big dreams. You dream of making picture perfect cakes and opening up your own bakery one day. Maybe I’m exaggerating it a little, but you got to admit the guess is not too far off the charts. However, almost no one gets good at baking overnight. Like all skills it takes time and practice. So for the first few attempts at baking, the amateur bakers will always see a huge gap between their expectation of the outcomes and the actual outcomes itself. 

Listed in this post are 20 hilarious photos of the expectation of amateur bakers when baking a cake versus reality itself:

  1. 1 Not the Rubik's Cube we expected

  2. 2 Minnie aged really bad

  3. 3 Ariel doesn't look happy outside water

  4. 4 My wife baked baby Groots and they're scary af


  5. 5 Sponge bob and Patrick after beach day

  6. 6 If Tinkle Bell was a witch

  7. 7 I messed up the Star Warriors

  8. 8 I have no idea why my Elsa cake looks like a chimpanzee

  9. 9 Just need some more colors and we're good to go

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  10. 10 What a sad day for all snowmen

  11. 11 God bless this rabbit

  12. 12 My 3 year old can draw a better Cinderella than this

  13. 13 The Minion looks on steroids

  14. 14 Pikachu after surviving a fire

  15. 15 If Buzz Lightyear was a fat woman

  16. 16 Monkey or grizzly bear?

  17. 17 Check out my swollen chicks

  18. 18 That bunny looks murderous

  19. 19 That didn't go as planned

  20. 20 The cherry? The pie? The cupcakes?


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