10+ Animals That Know How To Pose For Good Pictures


Everyone loves animal photos. I mean why wouldn’t we? They are the cutest creatures on the face of this earth and looking at them is as fun as it can be. While spontanous images of animals are amazing, we thought today we would compile photos of animals that definitely know how to pose. These animals are so photogenic that they can give a tough competiton to Kim Kardashian. 


So whether it is a cute kitten you are looking for or a sassy monkey, we have a wide range of collection which is going to make you go “awww”, for sure. 

  1. 1 Sassy Gibbon at the zoo

  2. 2 "Come 'ere. I got sumthin' to tell ya!"

  3. 3 Hey there handsome duck!

  4. 4 When The Photographer Asks You to Look Seductive…


  5. 5 Paint Me Like One Of Your French Girls

  6. 6 This Kangaroo Who Definitely Has It Going On

  7. 7 Squirrel Posing

  8. 8 Our Cat Strikes A Pose While She Waits For Us

  9. 9 The Timeless Art Of Seduction

  10. 10 Sultry French Kitten

  11. 11 Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls

  12. 12 Just A Cat Posing

  13. 13 Bored now

  14. 14 Lion Model

  15. 15 OK! One More Click Please

  16. 16 That Smile

  17. 17 This One

  18. 18 Say Cheeesss

  19. 19 When I Said “Chester, Smile For The Camera”, This Was The Result

  20. 20 Personal Picture

  21. 21 She’s Definitely Working The Librarian Look


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