20 Amusing Male Cheerleader Photos


Being a cheerleader is no easy feat. It takes hours and hours of practice to perfect a move, and even after all that practice you might end up falling in front of hundreds of people due to someone else’s mistakes.  Now ladies are flexible, and they manage to hold themselves good. But let’s just admit it men are lazy. That is why male cheer leaders are just a recipe for disaster. Not only do guys do a horrible job of being cheerleaders themselves, they mess up the ladies moves as well. 


Here are 20 amusing cheerleader photos to prove our point:

  1. 1 Eyes-On Approach!

  2. 2 When you're not a car but still carry a Tyre everywhere you go

  3. 3 Say cheese.. or should I say, say feet?!

  4. 4 Can someone guess the most important person in this team?


  5. 5 Pouting through life

  6. 6 Expressions matter most

  7. 7 I see infiltration

  8. 8 Cheerleader Face: ON!

  9. 9 Me at every party that doesn't require fancy dressing

  10. 10 You can only try dude

  11. 11 What has been seen cannot be unseen

  12. 12 I am the human helicopter

  13. 13 American tech companies following the Chinese like...

  14. 14 WWE fans will understand this move

  15. 15 Not Judging.. No!

  16. 16 I can't feel them

  17. 17 No wonder Trojan virus is famous

  18. 18 Because tooth scaling is expensive. So you better show off!

  19. 19 When you enter the shower and the water's too cold

  20. 20 The Most mesmerizing view!


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