23 Absurd Things That Will Make You Say What The?


There are some things that are so absurd that the only thing that you can say to that is WTF! These mistakes happen both at individual and corporate level.  We’ve all seen completely absurd products in shops. 


In this post, we have listed 20 absurd things that will seriously make you question the sanity of both the individuals and groups who’re responsible for the absurd things in these photos. Don’t miss the 8th one.  It is seriously hilarious. It might scare the kids though. Scroll down and enjoy peeps: 

  1. 1 The Perks Of Being A Male Cheerleader!

  2. 2 Songwriter spends his life savings on surgery to look like justin bieber

  3. 3 This absurd breaking news!

  4. 4 When you are a "deep person"!


  5. 5 This product is clearly defective.

  6. 6 Chicken legs!

  7. 7 Nemo! You can confess my little

  8. 8 Give me the tip, so I'll redo the breast....!

  9. 9 Puking tap!

  10. 10 A rear I like to bump into!

  11. 11 Midlife Crisis!

  12. 12 Level safety

  13. 13 When you're too lazy to use your hands!

  14. 14 This naked guy stuck in his washing machine

  15. 15 Toilet paper holder

  16. 16 This beautiful face swap

  17. 17 Halloween costume

  18. 18 Catering a party last night. Party ends. Take some stuff up stairs... Wtf is that?

  19. 19 Man taking nap in his car

  20. 20 Crazy hair style

  21. 21 This cat, who may just be a distant relative of Gollum

  22. 22 You are doing it right!

  23. 23 Now that's odd....!


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