20 Absurd Creative Attempts That Internet Users Have Shared


They say necessity is the mother of invention. Though nobody says that the creativity and the inventions need to be extraordinary. They’re valid as long as they get the job done. Some people come up with totally hilarious and sometimes inappropriate solutions to the problems that they may encounter in getting their work done. 


Listed in this post are hilarious inventions by geniuses when they felt like they were in a fix. I couldn’t stop laughing at the fifth one, scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 The most unconventional solution ever!

  2. 2 I like the way the owner fixed his cracked bumper with zip-ties!

  3. 3 Let us know if it works.

  4. 4 Who needs a jacket when you can have a snacket .


  5. 5 When your door bell not work

  6. 6 My sister asked her husband to make a rocking chair for the front porch.

  7. 7 A true basketball player is ready to sacrifice anything.

  8. 8 A Clever Way To Sleep In Class!

  9. 9 Where did he get all these mouths?

  10. 10 These heels

  11. 11 Cat stache

  12. 12 Crazy creativity

  13. 13 You don't have to pay brand name prices to wear brand name attire.

  14. 14 Seriously? Would anyone eat this?

  15. 15 Bathing season

  16. 16

  17. 17 This is how you fix a broken computer

  18. 18 F I X E D!

  19. 19 DIY kick scooter.....

  20. 20 Perfect execution!


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