18 Things To Know Before Starting Your Weight Loss Journey


Trying to lose weight is a serious commitment. It requires patience, discipline and a lot of hard work. But in addition to correct eating and maintaining a good workout regimen, what are the things, the facts and lessons that you should know before you start on this amazing journey of self-development?

Let’s find out.

  1. 1 Each person's path in this journy will be different.

    Each weight loss journey is different and what works for one person may not always work for you. So keep experimenting with different combinations of right diet and right exercise till you find the one that works for you, and then stick with it.

    You've to make sure that it is a routine that fits your lifestyle, your personality and you're happy with it. Only then will you be able to adopt it for a lifetime.

  2. 2 You don't have to give up ALL of your favorite foods.

    A correct eating routine is about eating what is healthy and what makes you feel good. Immediately cutting out all of your favorite foods from your diet will not actually make you feel good and this amazing journey may start to feel like a burden.

    So if you want to have a pack of chips, go ahead, and then throughout the day, eat healthy meals that you have prepared yourself. Soon you'll realize that your body is craving more for healthy options and the pack of chips will soon lose its appeal. A time will come when you'd try a pack of chips and you'll instantly know how un-tasty it feels and you'll start creating healthy snack options for yourself that you'll love.

  3. 3 Take lots of 'before' pics.

    Before you start on the journey, take lots of 'before' pics. These can be a great motivational tool. Let yourself feel the sensation of achievement when you see how far you've come. Don't shy away from the cameras.

  4. 4 Scale isn't your best friend!


    For the first couple of months of your new journey, consider stashing away the scale. Those first few weeks are always hard and need more focus. So let your focus be on the process and progress, not the numbers.

  5. 5 Take the compliments!

    You may not always realize if you're losing weight or how fast, so when other people try to tell you, do take a closer look at your progress and let yourself be proud!

  6. 6 Be guilt-free: one time indulgence won't ruin months of work.


    If anybody tries to stop you from eating that delicious chocolate cup cake, eat it with even more relish, and if they judge you or tell you how you've ruined your months of work, smack your lips and tell them how heavenly that cupcake was!

    If you are regular and consistent in your workout and healthy eating routine, rare, one time indulgences won't ever ruin your months of hard work. It is important to feel good.

  7. 7 Remain consistent: forget the numbers.

    Weight loss is more about consistency and less about how much you've lost. See, it doesn't matter how much you lose, really, in the long run. What matters is that the weight your lose remains off and you develop a healthy lifestyle. 

    Therefore, the biggest goal is to remain steadfast and consistent in your journey. This way, weight loss won't remain a goal anymore but a natural consequence of eating healthy, working out regularly and adopting a positive lifestyle.

  8. 8 Not everyone will be among your cheering squad, but that's okay.

    Don't let that deter you. If a bunch of family and friends aren't supporting you, it's their thing. It doesn't say anything about you. Though it may help you to know who are your real people.

  9. 9 Weight loss won't necessarily mean self-love.

    Please don't think that exercising or losing weight will solve all your life problems. It will only help you slip into thinner clothes but that's it. If you are struggling with self-worth and self-respect issues, those are the things that you'll still need to work on, and exercising alone won't be the answer.

  10. 10 You may be inspiring others in their journeys: let that drive you.

    It feels wonderful to be able to help others in their journeys and make a difference. Watching you work diligently to improve your lifestyle choices may be the motivation someone else needs to start improving theirs. Enjoy being the inspiration. But don't let its pressure consume you. You're the number one priority in this equation.

  11. 11 Exercise isn't punishment.

    If you are working out thinking it is some kind of punishment for you, trust me, it won't work. Or not as effectively as you want it to. 

    If you think about exercising in a positive manner, that it will help you be more active and fresh, improve your strength and help you age better, keep your internal functions working optimally, your lungs and heart healthy, then the real magic will happen. Treat exercising as your best friend, which it truly is.

  12. 12 And with time, it will become loads of fun!

    There is a reason that people who work out regularly are more healthy. It isn't only about physical fitness. Exercising releases a chemical in your brain, Dopamine, which is responsible for making you feel happy and content. In addition to workout literally making a visible difference in your life, it actually works behind the scenes too and makes you happier.

    The process itself can also become a lot of fun with time. You can mix and match your workouts, become your own personal trainer, learn so many new things in the routine, and also make new friends and cheer each other on.

  13. 13 Loose skin is a reality, though.

    You may see a lot of it depending on how much weight you're losing. So don't be surprised.

  14. 14 And your boobs may shrink too.

    Well, this is an accompanying loss that you may not want. 

    Ah well.

  15. 15 You'll need to save money for your varying clothes sizes.

    Not everyone tells you this but the first thing you'll need to spend money on will be reduced dress sizes, and the more weight you lose, the more and quicker you'll need to update your closet. So do the smart thing and start saving immediately. You can also use it as your motivation. Why not!

  16. 16 But most of all, you'll need to have patience.

    It won't happen overnight. Healthy and consistent weight loss is a complete journey and like all journeys, it will have its trial and errors, pitfalls, some setbacks too but you have to continuously and consistently move on. And with time and regular work, you will see the change.

  17. 17 And never take those nasty voices in your head seriously. Seriously!

    You've got to be kidding me if you're taking those negative and nasty voices in your head seriously. They always say the false things and they always discourage. 

    There's a new trend going on where people are coming up with creative ways to shut those voices down. Give those voices a name, a personality, and then let your sarcastic gold shine through and take the power away from them.

     "You'll always be a fatty, I tell you. Cuz you're ugly and lazy!"

    "Gee Brenda, you're too polite. Why don't you carry on with it while I get ready for my morning run?"

  18. 18 Just love all of you.

    No matter what size or what shape you are, remind yourself of the fact that you are more than just a number or a shape. You're infinitely more than that, and don't let your weight loss journey constrict how you see yourself. Love every inch of you, inside out. Love all of you.


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