18 Disney Princesses Dressed As Their Princes


Disney princess have existed long before feminism found its way to the mainstream, but they’ve evolved with time. Cinderalla may have waited for her prince to come and save her but Elsa created her own future. Snow White needed a prince to save her, but Mulan saved herself along with her country. 

Nevertheless, Disney princess may be timeless but their attire has gotten a bit backdated. They needed a good makeover, and Haruki Godo provided them one by swapping their dresses with their prince’s dresses. The result are gorgeous princesses flaunting their styles in various cute poses. 


Haruki Godo is a Japanese artist who is awesome at dressing up fictitious characters. Scroll down to see some of her amazing work. You can learn more about her work on the following links: Facebook|DeviantArt

  1. 1 Belle X Beast

  2. 2 Tiana X Naveen

  3. 3 Jane X Tarzan

  4. 4 Jasmine X Aladdin


  5. 5 Esmeralda X Phoebus

  6. 6 Aurora X Phillip

  7. 7 Pocahontas X John Smith's

  8. 8 Mulan X Shang

  9. 9 Cinderella X Prince Charming

  10. 10 Calhoun X Felix

  11. 11 Rapunzel X Flynn

  12. 12 Ariel X Eric

  13. 13 Megara X Hercules

  14. 14 Vanellope X Ralph

  15. 15 Madellaine X Quasimodo

  16. 16 Alice X White Rabbit's

  17. 17 Kida X Milo

  18. 18 Snow White X The Prince


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