23 Worst Wedding Ideas Fails


Wedding are supposed to be a celebration of love, and a platform for eternal union. Most people spend months planning their big day, they want to get it right down to every last detail. There are others who just wing it. They don’t care what they wear as long as they’re with their partner. At least that’s the only rational explanation for all that is happening in the photos in this post. 


See for yourself. People are tying the knot in absolutely absurd and hilarious settings, it’s difficult to make sense of their choices, but as they say love conquers all, it must have conquered them. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 She doesn't look pleased with this marriage

  2. 2 Whose idea was this?!

  3. 3 This wedding photographer has the best job in the world

  4. 4 Wedding Ceremony (PG 18+)


  5. 5 Not taking anything away from the idea but I feel bad for the dress

  6. 6 Me after marriage

  7. 7 Body paint wedding! We can see EVERYTHING....!

  8. 8 Say no to growing up

  9. 9 Vintage photo editing

  10. 10 This is not going according to the script

  11. 11 When your husband is outta this world

  12. 12 Dude, you sure about this?

  13. 13 Should have lost those pounds

  14. 14 Can't figure if she's happy or sad..

  15. 15 You may kiss the bride

  16. 16 Through thick and thin

  17. 17 Looks like someone lost a bet

  18. 18 When you're getting married to Bob the builder

  19. 19 Talk about weird wedding photo shoot ideas

  20. 20 That's a special kinda bridesmaid

  21. 21 Looks like a moment full of regret

  22. 22 Really Bad timing

  23. 23 Because doors are for weirdos


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