20 Funny Photos of People Who Are Doing It Wrong


You know curiosity is a good thing, but it is good to ask for help when you don’t understand something. Some people want to explore everything, but they’re too proud to ask for help. They’ll explore the world by trial and error. Of course mistakes are inevitable for them.  They’re bound to mess up more times than they get things right. They don’t really care though, they enjoy the process. 


Listed in this post are 20 hilarious photos of people who couldn’t really find out the correct use of things and they went with experiments instead. Let’s be kind and commend their creativity, they’ll eventually learn their lessons:

  1. 1 How she managed to buttoned it up from the back?!

  2. 2 Person who does not understand anything about fashion!

  3. 3 Literally a Nutella sandwich!

  4. 4 Why are you even wearing shorts?


  5. 5 When you order sneakers but not sure how to wear it!

  6. 6 Our friend either thought the iPhone was a cassette or cassette charging unit. Things are bad in both cases.

  7. 7 The one who really does not know how anything works!

  8. 8 That's not how that thing works sir!

  9. 9 She thinks enjoying ice cream through nose tastes more delicious!

  10. 10 Playing golf or snooker?

  11. 11 This is one of the reason why women live longer than men, because men don't know hoe to do simplest thing.

  12. 12 I am assuming their next move is to brush their teeth with it!

  13. 13 Regret.

  14. 14 He nailed it! Kind of!

  15. 15 This pro tennis player!

  16. 16 He surely have lost his eye after this pictures!

  17. 17 Vacuum the garden, why not?

  18. 18 Drugs: Because why else

  19. 19 When you and your sister share one brain!

  20. 20 It can be considered as making an effort!


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