19 Problems Only Women With Long Hairs Can Relate To


Most people admire long hair. From braids to curls, and even messy buns, there is so much you can do with them. But things are not as simple as they seem, managing long hair is a complete hassle. From unblocking your shower drain every time you take a bath, to waking up with all your hair stuffed in your throat, people with long hair must struggle a lot. 


This post is highly relatable to anyone who’s ever struggled with long hair. Listed in this post are 15 hilarious problems faced by women with long hair. Number 8 is a total pain in the ass, and it’s quite common too. Scroll down and enjoy folks:

  1. 1 You worry about staying with friends or going to hotels because you know their wimpy towels won't be enough.

  2. 2 And, conversely, everything — mostly food — gets stuck in your hair

  3. 3 when it's soup time and you forget your hair band at home…

  4. 4 When you forget to pull your hair outta your tees!


  5. 5 Trendy bun trials

  6. 6 Long hair Selfie PROBLEMS!

  7. 7 Your hair get stuck in absolutely everything.

  8. 8 I think she needs a haircut ASAP

  9. 9 Trying to take cute group pictures... #longhairproblems

  10. 10 With long hair, even love hurts!

  11. 11 When was the last time you took off your headphones without a few of these?

  12. 12 Long hair Expectations Vs Reality!

  13. 13 When long haired girls enjoy music..... Others suffer!

  14. 14 It's always so sad when your hair tie finally gives out

  15. 15 The Tangle again

  16. 16 Major hair issues

  17. 17 We face this problem more often than it seems

  18. 18 Even our pets have a hard time

  19. 19 I zipped my hair up in my coat. It did hurt!


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