20 People Who Have No Idea What They are Wearing


Sometimes people are so inspired with western clothes that they’ll buy them without worrying about the text or writing on their attire. Or at least that’s the only possible explanation that can justify the absolutely hilarious choice of clothes by the people in these pictures. 

I mean who would dress up their kid in a shirt that says, “Cocaine” and have the audacity to smile about it? Either a clueless idiot or an addict. We’re hoping this was not the latter. 


Scroll down and enjoy hilarious pictures of 20 people who have no idea of what they are wearing. I couldn’t stop laughing on the third one: 

You can find more such pictures here: :Instagram | Facebook

  1. 1 LOL!

  2. 2 When you really have no idea what you're wearing...

  3. 3 I don't think so....

  4. 4 So this how future looks like!!


  5. 5 Ooo! A New Guy!

  6. 6 We certainly don’t doubt it...

  7. 7 I don't think so....

  8. 8 Walking dead!

  9. 9 Ph**k Phashion??

  10. 10 Cocaine Kid!

  11. 11 Life is hard but not a....

  12. 12 Finally accepting my true self

  13. 13 Saturday vibes

  14. 14 A Shirt for a forever hungry friend!

  15. 15 Pimp from hell? Ok!

  16. 16 Be careful!!

  17. 17 !!!!???

  18. 18 Ummm Ok...

  19. 19 Uhhh OK.... ??

  20. 20 So, he has gas...


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