20 People Who Got Accidental Sunburn Tattoos


Tattoos are a great way to express yourself but they require a lot of commitment and most importantly.. they hurt! 

However, lately, people have figured out an innovative and pain free way to ink their skin, without actually using ink! By getting suburned people get temporary tattoos on their skin and it looks pretty cool.


While we don’t recommend you to try it, we think these images will give you a good laugh. 

  1. 1 Interesting tan lines!

  2. 2 So you thought you could get away with wearing crocs.....

  3. 3 Batman in sun

  4. 4 The farmer's tan!


  5. 5 Maybe he can set a new trend! Cap Effect!

  6. 6 Sunburn Proposal!

  7. 7 Lmfao!! This wins. So awesome

  8. 8 Perfect!

  9. 9 LOL! Well Played!

  10. 10 Sunburn Art is a Real Thing, and It's Glorious

  11. 11 The sun slap to those who fall asleep at beach.

  12. 12 Never wear Sunglasses durning tanning process!

  13. 13 That awful sunburn actually turned out to be pretty artwork!

  14. 14 Cool summer idea for the beach!

  15. 15 Sunburn Maze!

  16. 16 Three damn hours in the sunshine and this is what i got...

  17. 17 Got a Freedom Tan!

  18. 18 This way or that way?

  19. 19 Tanning did't go so well...

  20. 20 This bikini chicken got tanned!


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