22 Most Useless Things Found in the Stores


The pictures below will really make you question the sanity of people who buy these things. I mean, who in their right mind would purchase something called ‘diet water’ or peeled bananas? As humans, have we really gotten this lazy? Because the thing is, if these products are being manufactured, who is buying them? Is it you? 

  1. 1 This really healthy water.

  2. 2 TV hat! Well! thank to this hat, you can look ridiculous and loose friends in the same time

  3. 3 I dare you to find a more useless waterproof wellies.

  4. 4 Soleless canvas shoes


  5. 5 The ugly-looking latex phone fingers!

  6. 6 Sleeping Bag With Leg Pants

  7. 7 Pre-peeled bananas in plastic wrappers

  8. 8 Probably the most useless watermelon in the world

  9. 9 Most pointless book ever?

  10. 10 This Is The Most Useless Use For A Camping Light Ever

  11. 11 Male Bra

  12. 12 Toilet golf!

  13. 13 Never touch your pets again!

  14. 14 Pet rock

  15. 15 AB hancer

  16. 16 This banana guard

  17. 17 It’s Should Be Called Meatlessballs

  18. 18 The Most Useless Leggings Ever!

  19. 19 Wine glass holder necklace

  20. 20 The pizza fork or pizza cutter.... 2 in 1 useless product

  21. 21 But it's almost perfect to be useless...

  22. 22 The upside down umbrella


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