15 Most Bizarre and Outrageous Wedding Photos


You must have seen wedding photos which are fun, sweet, romantic.. but have you seen bizarre wedding photos? Well, today is the day you will be having the pleasure of doing so! And anyway, who wants boring photos? 


Enjoy the compiled list of 15 most bizarre and outrageous wedding photos and don’t forget to share it with your other half or fiancee!  Who knows this might even be your next inspiration!

  1. 1 Bride pushing her miniature husband around in the wheelbarrow

  2. 2 The bride in the water!

  3. 3 Finish him! Over years of nagging

  4. 4 Tinker Bride!


  5. 5 Something a little silly, if you don't mind the groom having his head up your skirt.

  6. 6 Photographer wasn't expecting to capture this madness....

  7. 7 When you want to squash your mini-groom with your stiletto!

  8. 8 Another Fantasy!

  9. 9 Bride killing her Groom!! This is a great metaphor for marriage!

  10. 10 It is boom in Russia to process photographs of wedding memorabilia into fantasy

  11. 11 "Sea" what she did!

  12. 12 Heads?? It's quite hilarious!

  13. 13 Hulk Bride!

  14. 14 A Small Dose of Weirdness!

  15. 15 Epic photoshop Fail!

  16. 16 Crazy Pose! LOL

  17. 17 Superhuman Groom!

  18. 18 When Game of Sones-meets-bakery photoshoot.

  19. 19 Here comes the husband and wife; two wheels of car. Literally!

  20. 20 Holy Cow!


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