21 Most Absurd and Crazy Photos That You Wish You Could Erase From Your Mind


Some images are so creepy that you’d rather live your whole life without looking at them. However curiosity is a devil. It makes you peek at things that you’re not supposed to even think about. This is why despite reading the title warning you to stay away you’re still here. You’re reading this, and you’re telling yourself, I can take it. 

Well, don’t blame us. We have warned ya! Once you peek at these images, you can never go back. And believe me, you do not want these pictures in your brain. 


If you’ll still dare, listed in this post are 15 photos that’ll make you wish you never saw them ever in your life:

  1. 1 This is a BlobFish and it is reportedly the ugliest fish in the world!

  2. 2 And then he bent both!

  3. 3 This face swap looks like a horror movie scene!

  4. 4 TACA Tickets in Super Offer! All destinations! Take advantage!


  5. 5 I've been screaming WHY?........ And will keep asking WHY?

  6. 6 Weird fish head women!

  7. 7 There's nothing more entertaining than a birth at home in a plastic pool with all family swimming in placenta! Ewwww!

  8. 8 Imagine having an audience every time you go to the bathroom!

  9. 9 What a great idea to go for a walk wearing GIANT FACES

  10. 10 It's a model to show how humans should look to survive a car crash!

  11. 11 Imagine walking into your house and finding your roommate wearing this thing!

  12. 12 When you like bacon so much and want it everywhere!

  13. 13 Burned Chicken Wings or Covered with someting!

  14. 14 Don't feed kids to Crocodile

  15. 15 Presenting new Nail Art

  16. 16 Stick on gems for your a** cheeks!

  17. 17 Born with no right pinky finger.

  18. 18 Yes, this is man. Yes, he is naked. Yes, he is eating a burger. Yes, he is underwater. No, he's not real!

  19. 19 Improvise...adapt...overcome...?!

  20. 20 This how bull looks like that's been injected with lots of stuff to be a muscled!

  21. 21 Cleaning up after a big night, wondering which softy left a full beer. Nope.


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