18 Hysterical Food Snapchat


If you’re a snapchat lover, you’ll know that it brings to light many hilarious situations in everyday life. And one of the most awesome genre of hilarious snapchats is food! Many people post hilarious snaps of the role of food in their everyday lives. 


Listed in this post are 15 hilarious snapchats featuring the food, the foodie and the kitchen! The 6th photo is seriously hilarious, the cook should never be allowed to step into the kitchen again after an adventure like that. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 If everything I ate said this, maybe I wouldn't eat so much...

  2. 2 Love is like Pizza!

  3. 3 Fried Oreos!!

  4. 4 Pastafied version of Cookie Monster!


  5. 5 Its all about self-control and a well maintained diet!

  6. 6 This person who can’t be trusted

  7. 7 Thyme Tragedy!

  8. 8 Toast or weapon?

  9. 9 Oh man! Too revealing!

  10. 10 These bananas are seeing their fate right before their sharpie eyes.

  11. 11 When you are craving Chocolate!

  12. 12 Impasta!

  13. 13 Salad Bowl!

  14. 14 When this guy wasted two perfectly good Twix bars for a dumb pun

  15. 15 This love story!

  16. 16 Delicious Fish Taco!

  17. 17 I asked for no mustard not only ketchup you numpties

  18. 18 Found Dory again...


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