15 Hilarious Celebrity Photos from The Red Carpet


It’s all too common for celebrities to portray a picture-perfect image of themselves. However, there are times when celebrities shatter this illusion and show us their true goofy selves. 

From celebrities tripping on the red carpet to making funny faces, we have an amazing collection of hilarious celebrity photos from the red carpet which is sure to have you in stiches. 

  1. 1 Hugh Jackman

    Turns out Hugh Jackman is not very good at the robot move. He still tried to make the most out of it on the red carpet.

  2. 2 Robert Downey

    There's something more fishy than Robert Downey Jr's pose in this picture and that is his green socks. Looks like Ironman got some help from the Green Lantern for this one. Showing some tai chi on the red carpet, typical Rob.

  3. 3 Juliette Lewis

    Juliette Lewis executed this perfectly timed photobomb on Quentin Tarantino even before photobombs existed. She's got some flexibility in her legs for sure.

  4. 4 Helena Bonham Carter


    When Helena Bonham Carter showed her suspicion towards the award she won at the 33rd Annual London Film Critics' Circle ceremony. She won it for her services in the film and theatre industry.

  5. 5 Justin Timberlake and Antonio

    Antonio and Justin seemed to be good friends, yet I never figured they would be this close. I hope this is not how they spend their private time.

  6. 6 Kerry Washington and Jamie Foxx's

    At the Django Unchained premiere, Kerry Washington acts all shy while posing for Jamie's imaginary camera.

  7. 7 Emma Thompson

    Emma Thompson is famous for her red carpet shenanigans. She has often been seen photobombing other celebs on the red carpet. Here is Emma posing for the cameras where she's clearly not afraid to have some fun.

  8. 8 Jennifer Lawrence

    The glamour seems to be a little too much for Jeniffer Lawrence. This funny moment is from The Hunger Games' premiere.

  9. 9 Kate Hudson

    Kate Hudson seems to be surprised by what she just saw. Looks like she'll be needing a replay.

  10. 10 Ashley Lawrence

    Jeniffer making the noise like she always does. She's known for her bloopers at the red carpet. She even fell on the stairs while climbing the stairs to receive her Oscar.

  11. 11 Octavia Spencer

    Octavia Spencer avoiding a fall at the red carpet. Wearing heels with a body like hers could be a real task, to be honest.

  12. 12 Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift doing the perfect surprised face at the red carpet. With more than one hundred award nominations, you’d think Taylor Swift wouldn’t be all that shocked to receive another trophy. What do you think she won this time?

  13. 13 Chris and Anna

    Christ Pratt having a funny moment with his co-star Anna Farris at the Zero Dark Thirty premiere.

  14. 14 Miley Cyrus

    Miley Cyrus is full of surprises when it comes to awkward choice of dressing or a moment at the red carpet. Here she is at the MTV Music Awards 2013.

  15. 15 Rachel Dratch

    Rachel Dratch on the red carpet looks like the one friend we all have that gets high and starts doing the funniest things ever.


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