15 Genius Beauty Hacks That are Useful for Every Girl


Quick beauty hacks and neat little tips and tricks to turn the situation around during any fashion and style emergency make them every fashionista and beauty enthusiast’s best friend! 

We are using this space to collect a compact list of useful, quick and effective beauty hacks that every girl who wants to appear at the top of her fashion game should know. 

Let’s start.

  1. 1 Do the Foundation Patch Test on Your Neck, NOT on your wrist.


    According to makeup artist Troy Surrat, the best way to determine which foundation shade suits your complexion the most is to try it on the side of your neck. That's because the color of your neck has more uniformity than your face or arms. Because the skin color there is closest to your natural complexion, you will be able to pick the most accurate foundation shade for your makeup. 

  2. 2 Use Q-tip for perfect lipstick application.

    A Q-tip has many uses. From an eyeshade blender to cleaning off extra nail polish from your cuticles, a Q-tip does it all. And now you can also use it for perfect lipstick application. 

    Place a Q-tip between your teeth and start applying the lipstick. The stick of the Q-tip will make sure that you aren't smudging the corners of your mouth at all. When you're done, use the buds of the Q-tip to fill in any missing spaces. 

    Pro tip: Always put foundation on your lips for the lip color to last longer and not smudge. Also, don't forget to blot your lipstick three times after each application, for the moisture to rub off and the pigments to stay. 

  3. 3 Get freckels using Henna tattoo dots.

    Freckles are beautiful! They look extremely ethereal and give you that sunkissed look that's the stuff of romance novels. They're also pretty badass and remind you of hills, early mornings and sharp winds. 

    If you also want to rock a freckled face but don't actually have any (the freckles, that is) just use a henna cone to place dots on your face where you want the freckles to be. Leave them on for 3-5 minutes and then rinse off. Now you can rock your 'natural' freckles!

  4. 4 You can use conditioner to shave your legs.


    Summer means bare legs, bare arms, short dresses and tank tops. And that, in turn, means a lot of shaving (or waxing). So, to keep your skin safe from the adverse effects of frequent shaving, instead of using soaps or creams, use mild hair conditioners. 

    They will not only keep your skin relatively healed, but will also make shaving easier and smoother. Alternatively, you can also use olive oil for this purpose, if you want to opt for a more natural and organic route.

    Source: https://www.womenshealthmag.com/beauty/a19932096/conditioner-as-shaving-cream/

  5. 5 Sharpen your razor's blades by rubbing it on your jeans.

    In the list of things that are repeatedly used as lifehacks, denim ranks somewhere on top. Not only it's a great piece of clothing, you can wash with it, clean grime with it, paint on it and make it something else, and also clean your razor blades.

    Regular shaving leaves in tiny hairs between the razor blades. If not cleaned properly, these tiny hairs make the next session of shaving really frustrating. And to be honest, getting those hairs out isn't all that easy. But with a piece of denim clothing, you can get it done with the least bit of effort. 

    Just hold your razor in the direction of the blades and rub it on any piece of denim in the opposite direction. That will make the hairs fall off from between the blades and also make razor sharper. Not bad, huh? 

  6. 6 Remove clumps from your mascara by dipping it in Micellar water.

    Micellar water is an amazing product. It removes all kinds of makeup and its residue, is very gentle on the skin and leaves it perfectly clean. You only need to rinse off after cleaning your make up with it. 

    Because it is so good at removing all kinds of makeup, even oil based which can be really stubborn to come off, Micellar water is now being used as a hack to clean makeup brushes and other tools especially clumped up mascaras.

    Just pour some Micellar water in a cup and dip in your mascara for 5 minutes. Now take it out and rinse it. Clean the remaining residue with a tissue paper and your mascara will be as good as new. This hack also works for cleaning fake eyelashes.

    Source: https://www.garnierusa.com/tips-how-tos/micellar-water-an-amazing-cleansing-product-for-waterproof-mascara

  7. 7 Aloe vera gel and coconut oil mixture can remove stretch marks.

    Any beauty hacks list is severely incomplete and inadequate without the mention of at least one aloe based trick. Like seriously, is there any skin related healing this plant can't do or at least help in? 

    This special oil for stretch marks removal is used by mixing coconut oil with aloe vera gel. Just take a few spoonfuls of the aloe gel, mix it with coconut oil and let it sit for a few minutes. Now lather it on the marks. The insane amount of moisturization in this oil mixture and the combined healing properties of aloe vera and coconut will remove your stretch marks like they weren't there.

    You'll need to be patient with it though. It can take up to 2-3 months. Just apply it every night. Being regular is the key.

    Source: https://www.livestrong.com/article/486215-aloe-vera-gel-for-stretch-marks/

  8. 8 Flip over your bobby pins!

    Who knew we were wearing our bobby pins the wrong way all our lives! smh. The correct way to use a bobby pin is to flip it over, so the straight, smooth side isn't placed against your scalp/hair, making it slide down every few minutes.

    By flipping it over, placing the wavy side against your scalp/hair, you are making sure it gets a better grip and doesn't slide off!

  9. 9 Don't want a hickey showing? Using a can of Coke.

    If you've got a hickey that you don't want showing, reduce its redness by putting a cold compress over it. If you haven't got a cold compress, run a Coke can under cold water and put it on the desired area. Repeat as necessary.

    Source: https://www.healthline.com/health/how-to-get-rid-of-a-hickey

  10. 10 Quickly clean the eye make up residue from your eye lash curler.

    The leftovers of eyeshades and different kinds of eyeliners on your eyelash curler can make it really frustrating the next time you want to use it. They can make it sticky, smudge your eye makeup and can also harm eyelashes. 

    For regular cleaning, you can simply use makeup wipes or baby oil to remove the daily residue. For a thorough cleaning and disinfection however, or for those times when you're in a real hurry, use your blow dryer. 

    Direct the heat on your eyelash curler after removing the rubber pad. After a minute of it, you will not only be left with a disinfectant makeup instrument but can also wipe off any remaining makeup residue more easily. Just grab a tissue paper and wipe the grime off it. Your eyelash curler is clean, shiny and new again. 

    Source: http://www.thehealthsite.com/beauty/tips-to-clean-and-maintain-your-eyelash-curler-bs0217/

  11. 11 Toothpaste and toothbrush to clean your make up bag.

    Your toothpaste comes packed with solid cleaning chemicals so it's no surprise that toothpaste is regularly used in different cleaning hacks. 

    If you have got a makeup bag that needs a thorough cleaning and simply washing it with soap isn't cutting it anymore, turn to your toothpaste tube. 

    Put a fair amount of toothpaste on the marks, start rubbing on it with a toothbrush. Continue it for 3-4 minutes till you see the makeup coming off. Now take wet wipes and clean the bag. Your makeup bag is good as new.

  12. 12 Lost your eye pencil's cap? Use straw instead.

    We are completely convinced that there is an alternate universe where there are a lot of tiny makeup pencils caps lying around and nobody knows what to do with them! These things keep disappearing, leaving us girls desperately looking for something to cover and secure our lip/eye pencils with. What is going on!

    But till we figure it out, here's a cool hack to use everytime you lose a cap. Take a plastic straw. Measure it against the length of your pencil to determine how large a cap you need. Now cut off the required amount. Use a lighter and seal off the opening from one end. Your instant pencil cap is ready.

  13. 13 Blot out the excess oil from your face by using toilet seat cover sheet.

    Those sheets are amazing at soaking up excess liquid! (Well, duh.) And that's why this hack has been around for some time, but we are still adding it here because it's just that effective. 

    If you have oily skin and suffer the ever-present sheen of it, use these sheets (just like you would a tissue paper) to soak up the excess oil, leaving your face clean and clear.

  14. 14 Cucumber and banana remedy to reduce dark circles.

    Cucumber juice is packed with health and healing benefits. It's very cooling and soothing in nature and can cure puffy eyes on its own. Just dab a cotton ball in cucumber juice, rub it on your puffy eyes for 10 minutes and the puffiness will be visibly less. You can also use cucumber slice on their own and place them on your eyes to reduce dark circles. 

    The banana peel is also very beneficial in removing dark circles. Bananas contain Vitamin C, a natural skin lightener, and using bananas or their peel can really help with reduced under eye circles. 

    But combine the two and you've got a powerful potion to really combat these stubborn marks. All you've got to do is grate a cucumber collect its juice. Peel off the banana and scrap the inside of the peel. Collect what you get and mix it with the appropriate amount of cucumber juice to get a mushy sort of liquid. You can apply it on your eyes directly, or freeze it and use as cubes to rub on every morning. 

  15. 15 Shape your eye brows by using a pair of tweezers.

    Did you know that you could use your tweezers to contour your nose perfectly? Just dab the powder on both its teeth and run it along the length of your nose. Now blend as you need.

    Turns out, not only that, you can also use it shape your eyebrows! And we all know how difficult it is to give your brows that perfect shape with your brow pencil. Both eyebrows shapes rarely align and you have to continuously keep redoing it. Well, not anymore.

    Just pick up your eyebrow pencil. Mark the ends of the tweezers with a bit of color, now hold it in the angle you want your brows to be shaped and run it from start to the end of your brows. Do it on the other brow too. When you're happy with both, just fill in the space using the brow pencil...aaandd....done!

    We hope you are happy with this useful selection of hacks we've brought for you. Share with us any more girly hacks that you know and we'll feature them on our list!


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