20 Funny Perfect Crime Photos


Writers, movie makers and detectives have looked for decades to find the perfect crime. However, most don’t succeed. So, maybe these authors and theorists should take a look at these photos to find the fruit of their efforts. 

  1. 1 I am sure no one will notice.

  2. 2 Cake? We haven't seen any cake

  3. 3 This is a clear shot of the crime scene, unfortunately the tree did not survive...

  4. 4 Pretty well thought out, H & M. Pretty good...


  5. 5 The daughter came to the conclusion that if she would hide in the refrigerator, she would manage to safely leave all the delicacies.

  6. 6 The dog can now forget about its new lair.

  7. 7 Little-haired thought that he could steal and scatter trash out of the basket with impunity.

  8. 8 She made a fake Becky

  9. 9 When you want to go to the cinema for an adult movie.

  10. 10 He found the perfect place to avoid paying for parking.

  11. 11 Be grand. No one will notice.....right?

  12. 12 He went all bans.

  13. 13 My dog got a little excited when I arrived home for the holidays

  14. 14 Until now, I blamed the cat for all the broken utensils that remained on the counter.

  15. 15 Agility of the hands is truly priceless!

  16. 16 Daughter painted a house on a newly renovated wall.

  17. 17 I changed all my photos at my parents' house with photos of our bitch, hoping that my mother would not notice. She noticed ... but she told me that the pictures of the dog remain, because the doggie is more photogenic.

  18. 18 Employee licking Taco Bell shells gets busted

  19. 19 This cat is about to commit the perfect crime

  20. 20 Ate dads laptop keys...


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