21 Funny Beauty Memes That Every Woman Can Relate To


Problems of a woman are only understandable by other women, because although men and women belong to the same species, they can’t really relate to each other all that well, and I believe it won’t be wrong to say that they are almost as if from different planets. There are some things that men simply can’t understand about women. Whether it is women crying over broken makeup items or complaining about the fact that they have nothing to wear while standing in their overcrowded walk-in closet, we have a hilarious compilation of memes that only women can relate to. So, scroll down below to see what we are talking about.

  1. 1 When you rub your eye and forget you are wearing eyeliner.

  2. 2 Me before i get ready in the morning

  3. 3 When i have to wash my brushes!

  4. 4 When you try to highlight and contour yourself


  5. 5 Contouring Results!

  6. 6 How to cover your dark eye circles?

  7. 7 When there's something in your eye but you don't wanna smudge your makeup

  8. 8 Why all the best things are limited edition?

  9. 9 Magic of makeup !

  10. 10 How to do smokey eye in 8 simple steps!

  11. 11 When u try to even out your eyeliner

  12. 12 My face when i see bad eyebrows.

  13. 13 Waiting for make up delivery !

  14. 14 Just a little bit of highlighter!

  15. 15 When it's time to wipe off your makeup!

  16. 16 The struggles of NOT bringing your entire makeup collection on vacation…

  17. 17 Eyebrows on point!

  18. 18 Lmfao

  19. 19 Op's Sorry Kanye....

  20. 20 When you buy a new highlighter

  21. 21 Nude lipstick Expectations vs. Reality


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