20 Clothing Items That are Too Weird to Handle


What may be a bold fashion statement to celebrities may be plain weird to normal people. The thing is if it wasn’t for Annette Kellerman who revolutionized the swim-suit industry after wearing a one-piece at the beach, we’d still be unknown to it. Our point being, what may seem weird at the first sight, might not really be weird. 


However, the same thing can’t be said about the clothing items below as they truly are too weird for anyone to handle. 

  1. 1 Purse for real cow fans!

  2. 2 Wow! These are sick and steamy!

  3. 3 Alien: Covenant remake.

  4. 4 Hey! My eyes are down here....


  5. 5 Lady Gaga’s meat dress

  6. 6 Oh look! It's Steve Bootyscemi!

  7. 7 A head-shaped clutch is the hottest new trend

  8. 8 Extremely ragged clothes

  9. 9 Monday mood...! That's Horrible!

  10. 10 Summer slippers! Well, that's different!

  11. 11 The ladies in these “face-kinis” seem to be planning a bank robbery.

  12. 12 Barbie Head Choker!

  13. 13 Chris Bakay’s retired jerseys

  14. 14 Choose your dress wisely cos I'm really confused right now!

  15. 15 Seems like this jeans specially designed for bacon lover!

  16. 16 What are those?

  17. 17 Nicki Minaj’s pom-pom dress

  18. 18 Because you’re never too old to have a teddy bear.

  19. 19 The hearring!

  20. 20 Future is now!


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